Compassionate Capitalism

Public Speaking - Compassionate Capitalism Lecture

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I have a prepared, 90-minute lecture on the topic of Compassionate Capitalism. In 60 minutes, the Compassionate Capitalism lecture introduces a broad audience to the concept of Compassionate Capitalism, why it is a win-win-win for employee morale, customer satisfaction AND your bottom line, and how you can begin to implement Compassionate Capitalism in your business starting today with no recurring costs for your business. We give practical guidelines on how to implement simple changes in thinking and communication that help improve your customer relations and win repeat and increased business based on genuine relationships. We then provide 30 minutes for Q&A from the audience and an opportunity for organic networking and idea collaboration.

Lecture on Compassionate Capitalism includes approximately 60 minutes of lecture and 30 minutes for Q&A. When you purchase Lecture on Compassionate Capitalism you are reserving your date and paying my advance booking fee. Today's payment is a standard 50% advance booking fee, the remaining 50% of which is due the day of the speaking engagement. Bookings must be reserved at least 60 days prior to the event and include a complimentary 30 minute orientation and introduction of the material, after which the booking fee becomes non-refundable.

 No more life hacks. Let's get real.

Amy Midkiff graduated cum laude with a BS in Psychology in 2005 and worked in her field as a case manager for SMI (seriously mentally ill) patients for three years. In addition to her work in the clinical psychology field, she boasts nearly 15 years of customer service experience, two years of private investigative experience, three years of wealth management experience and two years of experience owning a small, successful e-commerce site. In short, she's seen it all and can share her life's wisdom with you!

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