Why Choose Compassionate Capitalism?

"[Meeting Amy], I was awed by her confident and welcoming presence. She is curious, attentive, and foresees outcomes with incredible accuracy. [S]he is a great herbalist and project manager, which I got to experience firsthand when I asked her to assist me in a Chocolate Making workshop. She proactively and independently assisted me...allowing us to seamlessly work together to give the participants a rewarding experience. Ever since, she has been a significant part of my personal and professional growth...She is a true Jane of all trades..."



"Amy is a profound intuitive who has found her way into this work through a scientific background. This makes her not only intuitive but grounded in the understanding of the current dynamic of the world. You can trust that her knowledge is backed by study and heart. Her understanding of herbs goes deeper than book knowledge as she has immersed herself in the relationship with the plants and this can be felt, heard, and understood by her expression of the herbs importance. I trust her with my heart and soul, knowing any journey I take with her in our work is guided by spirit and science."

Herbalist April Rameé


"Amy is very enthusiastic about helping people in need. She would never stand by and watch someone struggle without offering assistance. She’s also intuitive about when someone might be in need of help but not asking for it. One of my favorite things about Amy is that her hunger to experience life and the universe is insatiable. For 10 years I’ve witnessed her cherish and chase every experience. She throws herself into everything presented to her. Amy is a hard worker and empathetic. This makes her a natural healer. I’m sure anything she pursues to extend on her intrinsic and magnanimous character will produce amazing results."



"I have known Amy for over a year, and upon our first meeting, she left an everlasting positive first impression; the kind that has you thinking, 'She is a great person to have in your life'...Her kind heart and intelligence is always apparent...[S]he creates a safe space to get into deep introspective conversations...I am left with reminders of my natural strengths, talents and overall feelings of being closer to connecting to my higher self.  Amy has a natural ability to be a life coach, by way of assisting people to strengthen their emotional and spiritual health."


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